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Revisiting Paul::How Paul Read Scripture

January 14, 2019

Whooooooooo's ready for a thought experiment!?!?

Ok, so imagine you are watching Wheel of Fortune and after a contestant solves one of the puzzles Pat Sajak tells them they are incorrect even though the answer appears obviously correct. 
He then tells them that while the answer was correct, they forgot to ring the buzzer and frame the answer as a question. 
Now, most of us would assume this is a classic Sajak and Trabek Face/Off situation, but the rest of us would lead a forceful revolt with pitchforks and flame at Stage 11 of Sony Picture Studios.
The rules of Jeopardy cannot be allowed to govern the world of Wheel of Fortune! These are two separate realities and you destroy the fabric of the known universe when you mix the two!! In the words of the immortal bards The Offspring, you have to keep them separated. 

In a much more subtle way this misapplication of the rules is how many of us were given the Bible. We're imposing the rules of Jeopardy on Wheel of Fortune, so to speak. 

There were common assumptions about how you write, discuss and debate spiritual realities for the Jewish people during the time of Jesus. These assumptions create the trail guide we need to navigate the truths and conversations of Scripture and you are in danger of doing damage to the Bible, to others and yourself if you don't understand these assumptions. 

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