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Power Dynamics:: How it All Works

September 5, 2018

Can you remember your first time in elementary school realizing that there are waaaaaaay more kids than teachers?

What a rush!

 It's a whole awakening experience to feel that kind of power. You're out at recess and the bell rings to come inside and you start playing the "what if?" game. What if we don't go back inside? They can't catch ALL of us, and we know some good hiding spots. 

It starts to fall apart when you consider the power the teachers have to contact your parents, keep you in for future recesses and give you additional homework. But if you banded together, you could create a whole day of absolute anarchy. 

This week we're going to start new message series all about Power Dynamics. It's the use of power between people or systems. It has huge implications for all of our relationships and how we move through the world. 

Jesus had a lot to say about power. Jesus taught us a lot about how we use power and how we respond to power in our world. It's going to be a great series that will impact how you look at the world and how you interact with people around you.

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