Cascade Church Portland

Perspectives:: I Will Be With You

May 30, 2018

The image that I remember most from what I was taught about heaven growing up was that the streets will be covered in gold. 

For an 8 year old, this is not a selling point. 

What am I supposed to do with golden streets? Unless there is chocolate underneath that gold, I wasn't interested. 

A root beer fountain at the center of town? Now we're talking. 
Streets covered in trampolines? I'm all about it. 
Gold teeth for every person? That sounds fun!

In that framework heaven was a place that I just needed to believe was really, really good. If the descriptions didn't appeal to you, don't worry about it. One day you'll get there and you'll finally "get it". It was a future reality that was waaaay better than this reality and all of your dreams (but not the sinful ones) could come true. 

The idea of heaven coming to earth was a confusing one. Is that like a sneak peak of the sequel? Would we just get those golden streets in downtown Lents? How much and what parts of heaven would come to earth? 

In the story that we're lingering on for our current message series, there's a dream where heaven and earth meet. The angels of heaven are seen here on earth as the move up and down these steps. This vision sets Jacob off on a course of seeking after God's leading in his life, but why is that? What about the meeting of heaven and earth matters for us here and now and is that something we'd like to see. 

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