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In the Desert:: Yes! At Last!

August 13, 2018

I'm currently writing this note at a Starbucks.

I have my headphones in, but I've turned off my music, because I am TRANSFIXED by the conversation happening next to me. A man is being laid off from his sales job unless he agrees to take another position in the company. It's high drama that's been going on for the last 15 minutes where the person who is being fired is fighting for his job. 

I'll keep you updated. 

This Sunday we're looking at a story that has some similarities to the situation on my right.

Five sisters come before Moses, Eleazar the priest and all the leaders of the assembly to ask for something that's never happened before. They think they should be able to inherit the land of their deceased father, but in their society that was only available to men. Think about the bravery it requires to stand before a collection of the most powerful people in your system and ask them to change the way they've always done something. Imagine asking these powerful people to see a situation from your point of view when there isn't a single person like you making the decision! Sadly, I know that many of you don't need to imagine, but just remember your own experiences. 

((He's currently exploring other positions in the company and weighing the pros and cons. It's amicable, but tense))

 Questioning authority and the way that thinks have always been done is one of the bravest acts anyone can ever engage in. With few exceptions, the people who have enough power to change the systems are in their positions because of the existing rules. They have no incentive to change anything. It's a wonder that anything in our world ever changes without a revolution!

((He's currently reiterating that they really don't want to lose him as an employee, but talking up the value of the severance package. There's some mixed messages.)) 

What we really want to look at this Sunday is the response of God to the questions of the five sisters. In this drama of the leadership and the challengers, where does God fit? God quelled the Korah rebellion dramatically earlier in the book. Is God always on the side of the existing power systems? What will God say this time and what do we learn about God's nature through this story? 

Don't miss out this Sunday! We'd love to see you. 

((Ok, no firm resolutions right now, but I'm going to do some edits of the newsletter and give this another 10 minutes before pressing send. I think he should take the severance package. I think he can land on his feet at another company given his relationships in the business.))

((I think they worked out a solution! He suggested a different position that they hadn't considered before and he could keep his same salary! Everyone wins! This is like an episode of "Full House"! But not an episode of "Fuller House". Enough with the reboots already.))


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