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In the Desert:: Three Feet of Quail

July 10, 2018

I grew up with two dogs throughout my childhood. Maggie and Ginger. 

Ginger was a Hungarian hunting dog called a Vizsla. They're exceptional dogs for going after birds and I once watched Ginger leap into the air and knock one down in flight. Ginger was pretty impressive. 

Ginger also had a number of bad habits, including chasing every car that drove up and down our 100 yard driveway. Ginger was obsessed with attacking the cars and chasing them away. Driving slow and waiting for Ginger to lose interest wasn't a good plan because he would just closer and nip at your tires. Every vehicle was a battle and Ginger intended on winning. 

When Ginger would trot back to the house it was never triumphant. Many other dogs would be celebrating the way they chased the intruders away, but Ginger always looked like he just narrowly missed the catch of a lifetime. It was like he was hoping to chase and catch the car and wrestle to the ground. Drag the car back to our front yard and present the crumpled corpse of the Chrysler as the spoil of war.

One afternoon Ginger finally caught one. My Grandpa had been visiting and took off down the driveway. Ginger was off in the field and found himself in perfect position for an attack from the flank. Grandpa only ever saw a *poof* of dust and a red-haired dog rolling up the driveway. Ginger gained a temporary limp and a scratched up chest, but most importantly he learned a good lesson. 

Be careful what you chase because one day you might catch it. 

This week we'll look at a story that sees the Israelites getting what they want so badly in comedically oversized portions. There are times when our desires take up the whole of our attention that we never bother to ask why these desires and what we would do if they were met. 

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