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Cascade:: Our Journey So Far

January 28, 2019

When George Lucas first made and released Star Wars in 1977 it was a huge success, far beyond what anybody could have envisioned. It soon became apparent that a second film would need to build upon this success. In interviews that George Lucas gave around the time of releasing The Empire Strikes Back he stated that he actually had a trilogy of trilogies already created. Around this same time "Episode IV" was officially added to "A New Hope".  

There's something that really captures our imaginations about someone creating a huge epic tale that we've only seen a part of. Game of Thrones and Lost are more recent examples of sprawling epics where we start to ask where things are heading and take some solace in the idea that the full story has already been completed. 

I wish I could say that was true for Cascade when the church got started in June of 2015. 

We didn't have a clear picture of where the church would be in 3 months, much less 3 years. There were key values that drove the creation of the church that focused on safety to ask big questions, not having to agree on every point of theology and moving towards engaged spiritual living in the real world. How that would look and who would resonate with that vision was totally up for grabs. 

I don't think it would have served us then or that it serves us now to have the entirety of the Cascade story written, but it does require us to have regular check-ins as to where we'e at. We need to pause often and make sure the driving vision of Cascade is still what's leading us forward as a church. 

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