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Biblio-Idolatry:: What Do You Want?

September 17, 2019

In my late high school and early college years I listened to one album more than any other album in all the years before and since. 

"Through Being Cool" by Saves the Day was on constant rotation day and night. 33 minutes and 22 seconds making up 12 songs of pure emo-punk perfection. I was sure it was the greatest feat of musicianship and lyrical content ever created.

What kind of transcendent lyrical content am I talking about? How about; 
"And my spleen is dripping from my pants."
If you're not sold by that little nugget, I'm not sure what you're doing with your life. 

If that album came out today exactly as it was back in 1999 would it still be the monolith of music in my life? Very doubtful. It's hard to be as angsty and driven by frustrated heartbrokenness when you have a mortgage, a minivan and you're coaching 6-7 year old soccer. 

The reason that album holds such a special place in my life is due to it's timing and what I was experiencing. I'm not a static institution that remains unchanged throughout life. The ability of different kinds of art to deeply connect with us changes as we change. 

Often we identify pieces of art for their transcendence without ever acknowledging half of the equation. We talk about the book, film, music or painting for all that it possesses without ever acknowledging that thing that it is being processed through.

This message continues to go through our Biblio-Idolatry message series led by Scott Erickson. He helps us uncover half of the equation of the Bible's impact by posing the question, what do you want from the Bible?

I hope you enjoy!

(And yes, I did listen to "Through Being Cool" again while writing this)

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