Cascade Church Portland

A Light Has Come:: One Reality

November 19, 2018

There are so many moments in any given day or week that make you question your handle on sanity. 

I'm not talking about current events or politics. I'm talking about little moments each day that make you realize that your grasp on reality is a tenuous one. 

Have you ever pulled out your phone to check the calendar, see a notification of a text message that sends you down a digital maze that will inevitably end with putting your phone away without checking the calendar? 

Ever search your house in a panic looking for your glasses, wallet, phone or keys only to realize that they were on your person the entire time? 

Have you ever searched the refrigerator repeatedly only to give up and tell whoever else is in the house that the item is gone only to have them walk over and immediately find it? 

Have you ever sworn that a particular actor or actress starred in a movie and debated it vigorously only to Google it and discover that you were very wrong? 

This world has a way of causing us to doubt ourselves and desire for some true things to hold onto. I take great comfort in knowing that the quest for something "real" in this world isn't something new. This Sunday we're going to look at Plato and Aristotle so we can really dive into 1 John. The author of the letter in the New Testament deftly uses the logic of the day to point to deeper levels of truth that are less known and more experienced. 

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