Cascade Church Portland

A Light Has Come:: Love and Hatred

November 26, 2018

Ever see someone drop trash while they're walking down the street? 

It's oddly satisfying to whisper "sinner" under your breath when it happens. 

Sin is an intriguing word that alternates between meaning too much or too little in people's lives. It can be a huge burden that you carry in the pit of your stomach or a meaningless flick of lint that you pull off your shirt. It's a word we can dismiss because it's overuse has rendered it meaningless or a word that carries so much weight because of our fear that we're constantly sinning. It can also be an odd word that means nothing because it wasn't one we heard or used growing up. 

We want to look at and through the word sin to discover some really powerful words behind it. Love and hatred are words that are used heavily in this section of scripture and we want to see the relationship to sin. 

The hope is that we can reorient our understanding of sin by contextualizing it with love and hatred. When we see it in light of these other words I hope that it sticks with us in ways that invites us to both humility and purpose. 

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