Philemon:: But What Now?

June 12, 2017

Every revolution becomes an institution. 

Whatever institution that  seems stuck in an old way of being, was once the height of innovation and progress. 

The railroad system revolutionized travel and the movement of goods. 
The landline telephone expedited communication at an alarming rate. 
Blockbuster Video was THE place to rent or own Biodome.

Christian history is littered with prophets and revolutionaries that are now statues and saints. When something that shakes and rattles people to their very core becomes normal and known, it's time to get back to the oddness of it all. 

This week we're going to be looking at Philemon, but not as a book in the Bible that's about forgiving one slave and welcoming him home. Instead we're going to see how it causes us to study familiar structures and let the good news of Jesus transform them. 

We have both a rich history to celebrate and a revolutionary work to get on with. 


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